Murchison at the top of the South Island

Fly Fishing in New Zealand

Taken from an article by Felix Borenstein, Owen River Lodge

New Zealand offers the greatest trout fishing in the world!

Fly Fishing at Murchison near the top the South Island
Where do you start when planning a fishing trip to New Zealand?
The weather is so very often completely unpredictable and it can also
Vary really quite considerably across even a relatively very short distance.

Having a number of options is therefore desirable.
Some essential requirements for a base to operate from.
Are lodgings, groceries and other basic provisions and of course
Lots of streams and rivers that will provide you with quality fishing.
Well Murchison ticks all of the boxes as  there are rivers just everywhere
Gowan, Mangles, Matiri, Glenroy, Matakitaki, Maruia and the mighty Buller.



There are other Attractions available such as, 

 ”The Natural Flames Experience”

Taken from an article by Merve Bigden,

New Zealand’s newest “Hot” spot is open to the general public -
a naturally occurring gas seep, continually burning in the forest near Murchison!

The natural Flame experience in the Forest.

The Old Ghost Road, West Coast

By Sarah Berry

The Old Ghost Road is one of the 18 Great Rides under Nga Haerenga, The New Zealand Cycle Trail.

The Old Ghost Road

Ultimate Descents NZ Rafting


Kyle te Kiwi from spends a day with Ultimate Descents NZ Rafting

Murchison white water rafting


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