Session preparation technique

Technique – The “6 hats method”.

In this method, thinking is divided into six self-contained regimes, each of which corresponds to a particular color of hat. “Pulling” hat, you are 100% embodied in the proposed role and try to disable other types of thinking, which could prevent you from making the right decision.

It’s a certain roleplay, which will certainly help look at the problem differently.

Consider color for example. Going to write an application to Vice-rector on educational work, we are trying to anticipate his reaction or behavior, think through how to avoid pitfalls.

Begin to change hats:

Red is responsible for emotions, feeling and intuition – our fifth point of support tells us that the conversation with the Provost will be remembered for a long time.

White – the collection of real facts – such statements write my essay for me students years ran for rector – never signed.

Black means careful assessment of the situation – you should consider not only the content or the main idea of the conversation, but also to determine the official dress code.

Yellow indicates optimism and determines the benefits – the arguments memorized, business clothes found.

Green generates new ideas and creativity come to one is not an option, you need to seek the assistance of their Dean.

Blue is responsible for the final decision – the call of the Dean, convince with facts and wearing a new suit.

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